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Humayun's Tomb (Delhi)
Humayun's Tomb
Humayun's Tomb, the red and white structure, was raised by his widow, Haji Begum, as a tribute in his memory in the 16th century. This building which is supported by a lofty, double-storeyed gateway costs 1.5 million rupees.

It is set in the centre of a huge square garden which is enclosed by high walls on three sides. The garden is divided into four parts by wide causeways and water channels, with each square further divided into even smaller squares by pathways, a characteristic of the Mughal era.

India Gate
Straight down the road from Rashtrapati Bhavan is India Gate. Designed by Lutyens, the 42 mt high structure is a war memorial in honour of the soldiers who died during the second world war. The imposing structure from where the massive lush green lawns streches, has an eternal flame (amar jawan jyoti) to honour the memory of the unknown soldiers.The India Gate is a popular picnic spot also

Jantar Mantar
Built in 1725 by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur, Jantar Mantar is a huge sun-dial known as the Prince of Dials. It was also used to observe the movements of stars and planets. The instruments at Jantar Mantar are fascinating for their novel approach. However, it has now become impossible to predict the time accurately because of the towering buildings that surround it. Recently the area has been restored to it's pristine glory.

Lodi Tomb
Said to be the remains of another city that was sought to be built in Delhi, the tombs are in the midst of the famed Lodhi Gardens and is believed to have been built by rulers of two dynasties, the Sayyaids and the Lodis.

Qutub Minar Complex
13 km to the south of Connaught Circus at Lalkote of 8th century Tomor Rajputs, the 72.5 m high Victory Pillar stands as a victory stand of a Muslim King Kutub-ud-din-Aibak in India. At Kila Roy Pithora, on the dilapidated fort of the last Hindu king Prithwiraj, this victory stand was made like throne in Gajni. In 1199 Kutub-ud-Din started its construction and it was completed in 1236 by Iltutmish, the son-in-law of Kutub. However, there is a 2nd opinion. Some say, the construction came to an end around 1357-68 during the reign of Feroz Sah Tughlak.

However, the Kutub which was built in Afghan style underwent repairing and remaking for more than occasions. Revolving steps of flights are 367 in number in slightly leaned Kutub. It has some spl features- at its root the radius is being 14.40 m which gradually reduced at its top to 2.44 m. In Kupee language it has been inscribed on Kutub that- The Tower was erected to cast the shadow of God over both East and West. Aayaat from Quran is also inscribed. At the foot of the Minar a Mosque was built in 1197. The 5 storeyed Qutub Minar is a remarkable instance of sculpture in India. The 1st floor made of sand stone by Kutub, the 2nd & 3rd floors made of sand stone by Iltutmis and the 4th and 5th in both sand stone and marble by Feroz Shah Tughlok in 1368. However, the earthquake of 1803 destroyed it , in 1829 British Major Robert Smith re-built the tomb. Later the tomb was brought down from the Minar and reset it in the garden beside. In 1981, some students died of stampade while on their way up the steps of flights. Since then, ascending 5th floor is forbidden and not more than a group of 4 at a time is permitted to ascent only upto 1st floor of Kutub. Recently, Kutub is enshrined with huge lighting

Safdarjung's Tomb
It is 5 km to the S-West from Connaught Place at Arvind Marg on the way to Kutub. Between 1753-74, Nawab Suja-ud-Dulla erected Safdarjung on the graveyard of Nawab of Ayodhya Mirza Mukim Abul Mansur Khan, like the tomb of Humayun. In the middle of Mughal Garden Charbagh, it is the last tomb or graveyard of 40 ft high. On the 4 sides, there are 4 stone made Azan Minar. In the courtyard, there is rose garden.

Beside it, mini airport, Safdarjung of Delhi Flying Club is located. In 1980, Sanjay Gandhi died in an air crash in this airport. Adjacent to the south, there is the battle field, where Mahammad Shah Tughlak was defeated by Taimur in 12 Dec, 1398.

The Tomb of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq lies 8km east of the Qutab complex. The fort is partially in ruins, but still worth a visit. A well preserved tomb which lies south of the fort is a fine example of Tughlaq architecture.

Feroz shah Kotla
Erected by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in 1354, the ruins of Ferozabad, the fifth city of Delhi can be found at Feroz Shah Kotla, Just off Bahadur Shah Zafur Marg between the old and new Delhi's. In the frortress-places is a 13-metre-high sadstone Ashoka pillar inscribed with Ashoa's edicts The remains of an old mosque and a fine well can also be seen in the area, but most of the ruins of Ferozabad were used for the construction of later cities.

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